A doctors moment..

There are moments during the day that make me stop and be thankful…one of them happened today. I have been taking care of a wonderful lady for 16 years. She is a God send…and also suffers from the most incredible debilitating pain I have even seen. She has 12 compression fractures in her back, replaced hip, bad feet and she spends her day caring for herself so she can get out of bed. She started on the MLS laser on Monday. Today when she laid down for her second visit, she said “Holly, I got about 4 hours of pain relief NO PAIN for 4 hours”…I didn’t really stop doing what I was doing…I heard her but I didn’t. Thats when she grabbed my hand and literally made me stop…I looked into her eyes and she was teared up….”Holly, I had 4 hours of no pain. I have not had even a second without pain in decades.” She said “that was the most amazing 4 hours, I am hopeful.” I teared up. I realized that this technology that I have in my back room could be the end of suffering for a lot of people. Even with getting them out of some of their pain. Thankful for Angela Lacy and Robert Salisbury for calling me to ask for 20 minutes of my time. Thankful for Salem Coop for believing in me even when things didn’t look so good and Thankful for me….for having the courage again to step outside the box and be able to dream and take that leap of faith. Thanking God for that strength and courage inside me to keep pushing forward. It was not a small purchase but having that moment today meant so much!!! Just feeling Thankful.


Submitted by Dr. Holly Ruocco

Achilles Tendonitis

The Robotic Laser Therapy Machine at Dr. Holly’s Helped to Heal Achilles Tendonitis!

After suffering Achilles tendinitis & Gastrocnemius tendonitis from a beach run relay this past August., (that’s 8 brutal months of pain!) I finally have relief After being treated with the Laser Therapy Robotic Machine at Dr. Holly ‘s office, after only two sessions! Amazed, I’m not in pain nor waking up randomly in pain, or stiff barely walking in am!

After two 7 minute treatments to my ankle and knee bend-I’m no longer in pain!!!!
Really Psyched-Thanks Dr. Holly & Angela!
Thank You!!

Nancy Jane Sweeney

Broken Foot that never healed

Thank you Holly Ruocco and Angela!! I just completed my 6 laser treatments on my foot. I broke it and was having a hard time with the healing process… After the treatments I have no more pain or swelling! I can even bend my toe again!! After each treatment I then saw Holly for an adjustment. I had so much back pain from being uneven in a “boot” for 6 weeks. I was all out of alignment! I can’t thank these 2 special ladies enough. I feel like a new person!!!!

Kathy Leclair

Chronic low back pain after surgery

I have been a patient of Dr Holly for 17 years. I would go to her from time to time for adjustments. The last five years I was in constant lower back pain due to nerve and muscle strains, when Dr. Holly got the MLS laser I asked her if it would help me? I did 12 visits every time I finished the treatment I felt immediate relief like a shot of painkiller in my back, by the 9th visit I felt like I was cured. A couple weeks later I finished the last three visits back in the first week of March 2017. I wake up every morning feeling great no more back pain, no more topical rubs, no more handfuls of ibuprofen. I Thank God for you Holly, you’re amazing at everything you do.

Bob Morneau

Knee Pain Relief

I was in pain all the time and was told by my regular doctor my pain would never go away. I was even rejected for surgery by my doctor because she said nothing could ever help me. I received the flyer in the mail about MLS Laser Therapy and decided to give it a try. Since doing the treatments I reached my goal of being able to sleep the through the night with no pain and way beyond! My knee is 90% better from what it was before and I am able to walk up and down stairs with ease! I am so thankful for this treatment and feel blessed to receive that flyer!


Sciatic Pain Relief

Before I came in to have MLS Laser Therapy I was dealing with a terrible TT issue. I could hardly walk and was in pain all the time for about 2 ½ years. Once I heard about MLS Laser Therapy I decided to try it out and I couldn’t be happier! I have finished my treatment program and am free of pain! I recommend this treatment to anyone dealing with pain because not only will you be out of pain, but the treatment is safe and I haven’t had any side effects!